The Bush Collective

Our mission of showcasing coffees roasted in the Kootenays includes awesome partners in crime. These are the folks that pour their hearts and souls into their passion. We are thrilled to have them as part of our team. Visit them on-line, drop them a like, visit their neck of the woods, swing by their cafes or roasting operations and give them a pat on the back. Or even better, drink their delicious coffee!

Stoke Roasted Coffee Co.

Family owned and operated roastery, located in Revelstoke BC.  Our theory of ‘nice beans’ includes great coffee, positive impact, and harm reduction. We apply these values to every aspect of our business, from the beans we buy, to our packaging, our inventory management, distribution, and price. Almost all of the beans we roast are certified as Organic, Fair Trade and/or Rainforest Alliance, with the exception of a few special offerings that our suppliers buy directly from the farmers.  We carefully select, roast, and blend our beans to create an excellent cup of coffee, which will fire you up to get on with your day.

Seven Summits Coffee Company

Speciality coffee roasted in the beautiful mountains of Rossland BC 1807 Columbia Ave.Small batch coffee roaster in the heart of Rossland, BC. Featuring organic, fair trade coffee and ethically sourced tea (KooTEnAy).

No. 6 Coffee Co.

We’re a boutique coffee roasting company located in Nelson, BC. We are focused on providing amazing coffees by committing our attention to all aspects of the process, striving for an artisan quality, right down to the final cup.

All of our coffees are purchased from independent coffee importers that source exceptional specialty coffees directly from small farms, co-ops and respectable coffee traders, paying above and beyond production prices. This ensures that farmers are directly compensated for their hard work and encouraged to continuously improve their coffees and livelihoods.

Rooftop Coffee Roasters

The inception of our family-run operation is unconventional to say the least. In July 2016, we launched our small roastery with one cafe client, a handful of retail customers, and a 17-year-old head roaster. At the time the team’s past business experience spanned many industries, except the coffee industry. Oh, and we were coming out of the gate with a mantra of light roasted coffee and “Single Origin, Single Speed” in the dark roast dominated town of Fernie, BC. Do we sound crazy yet? 

Within this sliver of the coffee industry, everything is constantly evolving. Small coffee companies everywhere are pushing boundaries. From reducing environmental impact to prying into the mechanisms by which we source green coffee, conventions in coffee are constantly being questioned. At Rooftop, we’re continuously learning from this incredible community and can’t wait to explore what’s possible in the way we source, roast, and brew coffee.

Kootenay Roasting Company

Established in 1999, Kootenay Roasting Co. is a family run business nestled in the heart of downtown Cranbrook, BC. Our Artisan Roasters carefully monitor each batch to ensure exceptional quality and unsurpassed taste in every bean.

Northstar Roasting Company

Northstar Roasting Co. is located in Kimberley, British Columbia and run by Brian Conn where he roasts Damn Good Coffee into a mug near you.

Oso Negro Coffee

We’re a small team of like-minded individuals who live in a beautiful valley enveloped by the majestic trees and peaks of the Selkirk Mountains. We are surrounded by the friendly faces of amazing customers in a vibrant, artistic community.   We appreciate clean air, fresh water, good food and fine coffee.  It is our goal as a company to provide the highest quality of life possible for our producers, our customers, and ourselves.  That’s why we choose to buy organically grown and fairly traded coffee whenever possible and offer sustainable jobs to our co-workers.  We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do make customer service and accountability paramount.

Lark Coffee Roasters

We have a great respect for the many hands and hearts that work to create a cup of coffee, those who grow, process, ship and so much more. We are thrilled to be a tiny part of that chain.

We roast with that in mind, and hope we can always roast respectfully and in a way that showcases the sweetness and complexity of each coffee.

Where do we get our beans? We source seasonally and with an eye on bringing delicious and delightful flavours to your cup. We buy our coffee from single farms, women-owned farms, co-ops and indigenous producers.

The coffee we buy is almost all grown organically, sometimes it is not certified. Some coffee origin countries only grow conventionally, like Kenya, in that case we would note that on the coffee description.

Fernie Roasting Company

Fernie Roasting Company started in early 2020 while experimenting with roasting on a cast iron pan on our family’s deck. The results were inspiring, and we continued to roast fresh coffee this way for a number of months (even roasting on the campfire while camping with friends in the West Kootenay’s). 

With access to fresh coffee and the ability to manipulate the flavours, roasting coffee became a daily passion and seemed to be the only thing we were thinking about. Over the following months, friends and family were requesting more and more coffee and in late 2020 we started looking at options to move to larger capacity roasting methods. 

In early 2021 we decided to make a big move and purchased two Sonofresco fluidized bed roasters. Over the subsequent months more experimenting occurred to dial in the roasters and get out into the public eye.

The current focus is growing the client base and experimenting with various beans from around the world to bring fresh delicious coffee to locals and visitors to Fernie and the Elk Valley.