Richly flavoured espresso shot with a stain of milk foam. Enough said!


Espresso with just enough milk to take the edge off, but still express the richness of the espresso shot.


Smooth and silky classic. Balanced coffee flavour with natural sweetness of organic milk. Keep the art for the Latte.


You will love the warmth of the organic milk goodness with presence of espresso along the way.

Hot Chocolate

When coffee is not your thing (or don’t want to make the kids jumpy). We use locally sourced hot chocolate that is rich and velvety. Fireside setting optional.

Cold goods

Iced Cappuccino

Summer or Winter, pair our tasty espresso with cold organic milk, maple syrup, ice and just chill.


Do you miss the sea breeze and the smell of sea water? We got none of that in the Kootenays, but you can still enjoy this delicious and frothy drink.

Espresso Bar

Kootenay Shots

We selected the best espresso roasts from the Kootenays and extract them into a rich, balanced and delicious drink. If you can’t choose one, don’t worry, we will pick one for you.

Dark and rich

Made from a dark espresso roast. Full bodied, loads of character with notes of caramel that keeps on giving.

The standard

Balanced, sweet and smooth. You can drink this shot all day long and enjoy it every time.

Light and fresh

Delicate with fruity notes. For the adventurers that love exploring the world of taste.

Italian Classics

Take a trip to the birthplace of espresso done in classic recipes and using old school coffee from the old country.


Small and punchy espresso with full body that will make every molecule in your body tingle.


Traditional espresso with balanced body and flavour. Wake up to it or savour it any time of the day.


When you just want to go farther. Expresses the delicate nature of the espresso with the punch dialed down.



If you love the taste of espresso, but don’t love that it is gone quickly, then keep on enjoying the espresso flavour and dress it up to your liking.

Pour over

Taste the true essence of the coffee the grower and the roaster wanted you to taste. Choose from our selection of roast types (light, medium or dark) and enjoy the journey back to the place where the coffee bean was grown.

Daily brew

Sometimes, you just need a good old delicious Cup of Joe and that is what you get.